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Our vehicle fleet consists of modern Mercedes-Benz Actros EURO6 tractor trucks and SCHMITZ tilt semitrailers with XL certificates. Loading height (top, rear) equals 2.7 meters, side -2.6 meters. The maximum weight of 23 tons for cargo to / from Russia and 25 tons for intra-European cargo. We transport goods to / from Russia together with the Russian partner. Joint transportations are carried out without reloading the cargo.

EU-Russia transportation

We specialize in transporting goods from Europe to Russia. Every week we offer available transport from Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Denmark, Austria, Slovakia. If booked in advance - from Switzerland, Italy, distant France.

Russia-EU transportation

Every week we can offer available transport in the Central Russia: Moscow (including inside the Moscow Ring Road), Moscow Region. We specialize in the transportation of expensive, re-export cargo, aircraft engines, returnable packaging. The loading in Russia is carried out by the Russian partner

DE-DE cabotage transportation

We carry out cabotage transportation within Germany. We comply with all established German regulations and hold all the necessary licenses and permits. Our insurance meets the increased requirements of German freight forwarders with a liability of EUR 600,000.

EU transportation

We carry out transportation within the European Union. Mainly from Poland and Germany to Belgium, Austria, France.


License for EU transportation
License for Poland transportation
Carrier insurance confirmation 2022 TT-club
Cabotage insurance for Germany 2022
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