Carrier liability insurance for 2023
30 December 2022

On 29/12/2022, we renewed the carrier’s liability insurance policy until 31/12/2023 in the TT-club insurance company.

Download confirmation – HoldCargo

Certificate of insurance HoldCargo 2023

Transport list HoldCargo Ver. 12/01/2023

Payment confirmation HoldCargo part 1 of 12/01/2023

Please find below our insurance terms for HoldCargo Sp. z o.o., effective form 1st January 2023.

Insured Services/Trading areas:

Freight Forwarder/Haulage Operator (road): Europe, United Kingdom, CIS



General Limit: EUR 250,000, but EUR 600,000 in respect of sabotage in Germany. Annual aggregate policy limit EUR 600,000

Other limits and deductibles:

Terms & Conditions:
– Transport & Logistic Operators 2023 wording (attached, together with list of changes from 2022 wording; no material changes)

– Other terms and conditions in line with 65127 Arealtrans 2022 COI

– 2023 TT Club English format of the certificate – some of the structure and clauses will change, but cover will not be affected

– Full TT Club membership, benefits booklet attached

– UKNV approval

Transport and Logistics Operators 2023 Wordings
Guide for users to changes in TT Club Wordings on 1 January 2023
Membership benefits

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