HoldCargo Attention!
3 November 2023

HoldCargo Sp. z o.o. provides services for transportation/ reloading/consolidation/ repacking/ storage/ customs clearance of bulk cargoes at its secured warehouse in the city of Vasilkov.

Prices of our warehouse:

unloading/loading/reloading of a europallet — 5 EURO
unloading/loading/reloading of a semi—trailer — 120 EURO
unloading/loading/reloading of a semi-trailer by hand – 200 EURO
storage of a europallet/day (not including the day of loading, unloading) – 3 EURO
printing of documents for 1 sheet — 1.5EURO
labeling of pallets for 1 sticker — 5 EURO
additional payment for the employee’s exit outside of working hours: in the evening, at night, on weekends and holidays (requires prior approval) — 150 EURO
registration of the export declaration “EX issue” — 100 euros (in advance, before setting up the car, you need to send a download (product codes, cost per piece, the parties to the transaction — confirmation of the EX issue is a written response)
Guarantor: 0.25% of the invoice
parking of an empty/loaded truck on a guarded territory outside loading (more than 1 hour) for a day incomplete/full — 20 EURO.

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